About Us

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About us

This group is Open to everyone, you can join, share and help us.

Hosting Purpose: To help other webmaster and developer for their development in cheap price.

Services Purpose: To give projects to their Members.

iHostCodex is found by Francis Al Victoriano a web developer of Codexpilipinas and member of some organization and groups in the philippines. This company created to provide a reliable and cheap web hosting in the philippines. The original mission is to build a group in the philippines who share their knowledge to each and everyone and using our Group and Facebook Page and Blog. The hosting is created to those webmaster who engage in practicing for development and designing and the Web services of this group is for the member who wants to earn and to help the community using there skills in terms of computer programming and technology.

iHostCodex is composed of different programmers, developers, engineers, designers, reseachers, technician and other who wants to share their knowledge and skills in terms of computer literacy. Some of members is from Mindanao and Luzon the group have a Facebook Page to share updated information about cyber security, new technology and programming tips. Also this team have a Facebook Group who open on those interested to join and share their ideas and tutorials and every members can benefit on it.

Now iHostCodex is inviting in each and everyone to join in our team!